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Here’s What You Can Expect
Most insurance companies and managed care plans in Connecticut accept our services. Additionally, please review your health plan's provider directory and/or contact your health plan to verify coverage.

Before you’re admitted to LEO Outpatient Clinic, a member of our staff will call you to answer your questions and provide important information regarding treatment and treatment options.

We currently are accepting:

Behavioral Health Plans:

Anthem Behavioral Health

United Behavioral Health

Cigna Behavioral Health

Aetna Behavioral Health

Medicaid/Husky Behavioral Health

Dental Health Plans:




Delta Dental


Medical Commercial Plans:


Blue Cross


Oxford Health Plan

United Health

For questions regarding eligibility and coverage of services, please contact your health plan representative.

For self-pay options, patients can begin treatment with our sliding fee-schedule payment options. If you cannot afford it, do not worry. LEO Clinic also offers financial counseling options to ensure that finances do not become a barrier to your treatment. 



We understand that the impact of COVID-19 has put a financial burden on some of our patients.

From your first visit to the billing office, LEO Clinic is dedicated to satisfying your healthcare requirements and treating you with compassion. We understand that the majority of medical costs are the consequence of unanticipated illnesses or accidents and that they are difficult to budget for.

LEO Clinic may help you in a variety of ways as kindness and convenience to you:

Medicaid Eligibility Assessment: The LEO Clinic can assess your financial requirements to see if you qualify for government assistance programs like Medicaid, as well as guide you through the application process.

Financial Counseling: For our uninsured and underinsured patients, we offer on-site financial counseling. This includes an overview of the various payment plan alternatives, the billing procedure, and a financial needs assessment.

Financial Assistance: LEO Clinic provides financial assistance to:

Uninsured Patients: Patients who are not covered by insurance or supported by a third party to meet their medical obligations.

Uninsured Patients: This means that the patient has some insurance or third-party support, but still has the following out-of-pocket costs: B. High deduction plans that exceed financial resources.

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How Can We Help?

Patients receiving medically necessary healthcare services may inquire about Financial Assistance from Registration, Social Services, Care provider or Patient Accounting.

  1. A Financial Coordinator will meet with you to assess your financial needs and determine if you meet the eligibility requirements for any of the assistance programs. Factors affecting eligibility include: Income, Family Household size, Evaluation of medical expenses and special circumstances.

  2. Patients are required to complete the necessary applications and provide requested documentation, such as financials to verify financial needs.

  3. The Financial Coordinator will complete the Financial Assistance review and notify the patient of approvals and/or denials and any additional assistance that may be needed within 15 business days.

** Financial Assistance is not available for non-medically necessary services such as cosmetic procedures or residential services. Other services may be deemed non-medically necessary on a individual basis.

If you would like to find quality related information about any of our Clinics', you may visit: The Joint Commission at: qualitycheck.org.

Request can take up 6 weeks for a response. 


Thanks for reaching out. We’ll get back to you soon.


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